Bethel Township - Lebanon County PA

Fredericksburg History

Fredericksburg was laid out in 1761 by Frederick Stump, whose father Christopher Stump had taken up land in the same locality many years earlier.  The earliest sale of town lots took place in May of 1761-in that month Frederick Stump sold two lots in what would eventually become the town of Fredericksburg.  One was sold to Andrew Klunk and the other to Michael Hoffman.  An early name for Fredericksburg was designated as Nassau, but in most reference sources, thereto, including early tax rolls, it has been referred to as Stumpstown, named after it’s founder.  Later by 1826 when a branch post office was established the town was officially called Stumpstown until 1843 at the request of citizens who petitioned the state legislature to change the name to Fredericksburg.
This website has been established to detail some of the history of Fredericksburg, in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. All of this is done in preparation for a book that will be printed. The target date for publication is at year end of 2016. It is my desire to bring together pictures and stories of Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania as shared by persons who’s heritage comes from this community. It is the hope that all those researching it’s past would be willing to contribute.

Pictured below is an early Map showing Fredericksburg recorded as Stumpstown in 1816 situated within the present borders of Lebanon County, Pennsylvania shortly after the formation of the county in 1813.